How to stop your dog from chewing the bed?

Is your dog chewing the bed you recently bought for it? Of course, you want to stop it as soon as possible, because the house needs to be tidy. Besides, your pet can choke on pieces of fabric.

I’m going to help you save the dog’s bed from destruction. To do this, let’s determine what causes dogs to chew everything and how you can stop it.

Why do dogs chew beds?

Here are the main reasons for which dogs and puppies destroy their beds:

  • Instinkt. Dogs will investigate the world through the mouth, like children. Chewing is a natural behavior of dogs, similar to scratching cats. It’s important to set boundaries and manage expectations regarding chewing behavior. You can redirect your dog to toys or other chewable items, rather than trying to stop the behavior.
  • Teething. Puppies of 3-7 months old have teething, so they need something to chew on.
  • Boredom. It is important to keep in mind that your dog needs stimulation for the mind as well as the body. Dogs that don’t get enough stimulation, such as toys or walks, can become destructive from boredom.
  • Anxiety. Due to the separation anxiety, the dogs are stressed and begin to behave destructively, including the chewing of the bed. This disorder happens with dogs who are afraid of being left alone.
  • Compulsive behaviors (fabric sucking). Compulsions are more common for dogs who have experienced traumas such as abandonment or violence and puppies who lost their mothers when they were young. Compulsive chewers can spend hours sucking on fabric, even if it hurts their gums.

Observe your dog to see what the problem is. Try to solve it soon, otherwise the habit will become ingrained and difficult to stop.

Solution of chewing problem

In most cases, it is not difficult to solve the chewing problem. Try one or more of the following tips:

  1. Give your dog plenty of exercise. Normally, dogs only need 30-60 minutes of exercise a day. But some breeds need more activity or they will get bored. To know if your dog is active enough, you can use a special device like the FitBark 2. You will be able to set goals for each day, and achieve them.
  2. Make sure the dog has something to chew on. First of all, the dog should have chew toys or treats like chewing bones. Get several different toys, as each dog has different preferences. For example, you could have one rubber toy and one rope. Also to keep your dog stimulated mentally, you can give interactive toys to it. 
  1. Stop chewing. When you see your dog start chewing the bed, stop it. Say “no” or “stop” in a firm voice. The main thing is always to repeat the same word. Then offer it a toy. If a dog accepts your offer, praise it. This has to be repeated constantly until the dog understands what it should chew.
  2. Buy a chew proof dog bed. Look for beds made of sturdy materials, especially for dogs who like to chew everything.
  3. Train your dog to be left alone. Do it gradually, starting with 5-10 minutes. So that the dog can be left alone, some people find the crate helpful. Read more about how to do it properly and for how long you can leave your dog or puppy alone.

If you suspect that your pet is chewing things because of health problems, contact the veterinarian.

Wath this video about how to stop dog chewing his bed:

What to do if your dog chews the bed because of stress

According to the behavior of your pet, you can determine that it has a stress or anxious disorder. Such dogs can be afraid when someone fits or makes sharp movements. They are afraid to go outside, do not want to play and look upset. Also because of stress they may have problems with a pot.

If your dog used to behave normally, but suddenly its behavior changed and it began to chew a bed, then try the following tips.

Give your dog enough time

Again, lack of socialization and training leads to stress. Dogs need to spend time with their owner. They also need physical and mental stimulation. Show your dog that you love it. Take care of it and make sure it lives comfortably so nothing disturbs it.

Remember that the dog needs time to recover from the stress. This may take several weeks or a month.

Try to determine what causes the dog stress

Of course, it is impossible to influence some factors, but you can change something. Watch for the dog, maybe it is nervous because of the loud sounds. Then its bed should be put in a quieter, isolated place.

It also happens that dogs stress due to the appearance of small children or other animals in the house. Try to create more comfortable conditions for the dog, and separate its place in the house.

Another situation is possible when the dog bed is moved to a place that is too isolated. Then the animal may feel abandoned and lonely.

Use calming aids

You can use a synthetic dog-pheromone product. These products are very popular and can be used for a variety of nervous problems. There are many options available, including plug-in diffusers and sprays, individual wraps, and collars.

They have no odor and imitate natural calming hormones that mothers release to their puppies. It takes some time for the pheromones in your dog to start working. You will need to reapply them every month.

Also you can find anxiety vests or calming treats for your dog. But it is only an additional tool to be used in conjunction with other tips.

Use behavior therapy

This is a more complex strategy for dogs who are anxious. Talk to your vet about finding specialists in your region.

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What to do if my dog destroys the bed in a crate?

dog chew bed in crate

– do not leave your dog in the crate for more than 6 hours;
– find the right place for the crate so the dog will be comfortable;
– buy crate toys that you can stuff with treats or food;
– choose chew proof crate pad.

How to stop a dog chewing bed when left alone?

In addition to the tips listed earlier, you can try turning on the radio or white noise when you leave the house. This has a calming effect on some dogs.

Should I punish my dog for chewing?

Don’t punish your dog for chewing the bed! It can make the situation worse. Putting a muzzle on is also a bad idea. Yes, the dog won’t be able to chew anything when the muzzle is on, but as soon as the muzzle is removed, it will happen again.


To get your dog to stop chewing the bed, you need to put its energy elsewhere. Don’t scold your pet. This behavior may indicate some problems, and you need to help your dog deal with them.


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