Choose the best dog crate for separation anxiety

To help a dog who suffers from separation anxiety, you can try using a crate. Your pet will feel more comfortable and calm there. It also won’t be able to destroy things in the house or hurt itself.

But for anxious dogs, regular crates are not suitable, as the pet can get out and even hurt itself. You need to choose a sturdy crate with good locks. Finding one wasn’t easy, but I ended up writing this review about the 6 best dog crates for separation anxiety. I hope one of them helps you!

Best dog crates for separation anxiety: Brief Information

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage The sturdiest crate for anxious dogs
Lovupet Wooden Portable CrateThe best wooden, portable crate at an affordable price
ECOFLEX Dog CrateAnother option of a sturdy, wooden cage with two locks
Snimoy Heavy Duty Dog CrateBeautiful, heavy duty crate for strong, destructive dogs
AGESISI Heavy Duty Dog CrateCheaper durable metal crate for dogs of all sizes
ZINGER STATIONARY FRONT ENTRY ALUMINUM IMPACT DOG CRATEThe professional crate (it is when you’ve tried everything)

By what parameters should I choose a crate for dogs with separation anxiety?

When choosing the best crate for dogs with separation anxiety, I focused on such characteristics:

  • reliable construction and lock (anxious dogs will try to get out of the crate, and if it is unreliable, the animal could end up getting hurt, especially if we are talking about a large dog);
  • sturdy, chew proof material (metal or wood are your best bet, but plastic, fabric, or wire mesh crates are not suitable);
  • easy to use (for example, I like when crate can be easily washed and having an extra input is an added plus);
  • Size (for dogs with separation anxiety, it’s especially important that the crate has enough space, but at the same time, the crate shouldn’t be too big. Measure your dog and choose the right size).

Also, give preference to more enclosed models. Your pet will feel calm in them. It is also better to buy a crate cover.

Important: When you buy a new dog crate, try to use it in front of you. Make sure your pet won't be able to open the lock. 

Below you will find a list of 6 crates for separation anxiety dogs.

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

ProSelect dog metal crate

On top of our list is ProSelect Empire Dog Cage, popular as a one-of-a-kind heavy-duty crate for medium and large dogs. It has been made with a heavy-duty 20-gauge steel and reinforced by ½” diameter steel tubes.

It is not only sterilizes the probability of your dog escaping but also guarantees long-lasting durability by being rust-free. A heavy-duty door with dual latches ensures an escape-proof guarantee.

  • it has a highly chewed-proof material;

  • easier to clean due to the removable steel tray under the floor;

  • the hammer tone finish makes it rust-proof.

  • it is relatively expensive

  • not a very pretty design (but you can use a crate cover)

I think the ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is worth the money, so I put it on my list. I read reviews of cheaper models, and realized that you can’t skimp. Even a metal crate that looks sturdy can be a dud that your dog will quickly ruin.

Snimoy Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Snimoy Heavy Duty Dog Crate

I don’t think any dog can get out of this crate (although some Hercules can do anything)! It has strong locks, and is made from strong steel. I like this model as it is more enclosed than the classic metal crates. It’s just what you need for an anxious dog.

But what I liked more is that it is the only heavy duty crate with a nice design in my opinion. Because the others look like some kind of animal confinement cell. It’s not embarrassing to put a crate like this in the house, and you can also use it as a table.

The idea with rounded corners will be appreciated by all who, like me, once kicked the corners of furniture.

  • the most beautiful design among heavy duty dog crates;

  • two safe locks;

  • trays;

  • convenient double doors;

  • rotating wheels with locking function;

  • ability to use the crate as a table.

  • the price is not low, in comparison with all typical crates;

  • you can’t choose the size, for small breeds this crate will be too big.

AGESISI Heavy Duty Dog Crate

AGESISI Heavy Duty Dog Crate

This model is not so pretty and cannot be used as a table, but they have an inexpensive model for small dogs. Also, this cage uses a different lock than the previous model.

If you don’t particularly like its design you can buy a crate cover right away. As I said before, a more enclosed space is better for anxious dogs.

The AGESISI Heavy Duty Dog Crate is made of durable, stainless steel, so it will last for many years, unlike a wooden one. And you can safely put it outside.

  • two entrances (side and top);

  • two self-locking gate latches;

  • there is a tray;

  • rolling with locking wheels.

  • not a pretty design (but you can buy a cover);

  • Although this model has many positive reviews, some owners claim that their dogs have opened the lock.


If you have already tried many crates and your dog has managed to get out of all of them, it’s time to move on to more radical solutions. The crate from Zinger is made of aluminum, which no dog will bend. And this lock definitely inspires confidence. You definitely can’t open it without a key.

This model can be used for both housing and transporting dogs. Zinger offers different sizes for dogs of all breeds. But the price of this wonderful thing is very high. I would buy a crate like this as a last resort if you can’t do without it.

  • your dog 100% will not get out of it;

  • there are sizes for all dog breeds;

  • can be used for transportation and airplane travel.

  • the design is unlikely to fit in the house interior;

  • expensive;

  • not very comfortable.

Lovupet Wooden Portable Crate

Lovupet Wooden Portable Crate

The crate is quite sturdy, made of spruce wood and the metal bars. It is lightweight (11kg) and can simply be folded up to move it to another room or take it with you on a trip. I have not found similar models at this price. 

The Lovupet crate is available in 3 sizes for small, medium and large breeds. It would look very nice in the house, plus it could be used as a table. On their website they say it can be used both indoors and outdoors, but I think the wood needs to be varnished for outdoor use.

  • portability;

  • relatively low price for such crate;

  • retractable tray;

  • beautiful design;

  • different sizes for all dogs.

  • needs to be painted;

  • only one lock (I would add another one right away);

  • not suitable for destructive dogs who tend to chew on furniture.

Important: Large, furniture chewing dogs can ruin a wooden cage. In this case, you'd better consider the previous model.


ECOFLEX Dog wooden Crate

Later I decided to add the ECOFLEX crate to this list as an alternative to the Lovupet crate. This model has a design that allows it to double as an end table, blending and camouflaging the large dog crates with your interior décor.

More so, this recycled plastic and wood polymer composite construction material will not easily become a victim of your pet’s teeth. The front door latches very securely, and the crate also comes with a removable table top for easy cleaning.

  • available in several colors and 4 sizes for all dog breeds;

  • 2 locks;

  • it’s an elegant piece of furniture for your home;

  • does not need to be painted.

  • not ideal for aggressive and destructive dogs;

  • it’s not easy to carry.


If your dog is very restless and gets out of all the cages you’ve bought, then try the Snimoy Heavy Duty Dog Crate. If you are dealing with a calmer dog who is unlikely to chew through wood, then I would go with the Lovupet Wooden Portable Crate.

But remember that crate is just one method that helps to calm the dogs with separation anxiety. To solve this problem, you also need to identify the reason and help your dog to change its behavior. Read about this in my article about Best tips that help a dog with separation anxiety at night.

You will need to create a suitable environment for the dog in the crate. This will require a crate bed and toys (read article about best crate toys for dog).

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