Honest Halo dog collar review

The Halo collar is a sensational dog training collar promoted by dog expert Cesar Millan. Its price ranges from $700 to $1,000, which is incredible for such a product. So buyers have a logical question: is such an expensive collar worth buying? Is it really good?

I’ve thoroughly researched to write my honest halo collar review for you. Here I’ll talk about the pros and cons of this collar and compare it with other popular GPS trackers to decide which one is better.

halo collar review

Note. In this article, I’m reviewing the latest Halo 2+ model.

Is the Halo dog collar really different from others?

On halocollar.com, the manufacturers justify the high price of their collar as follows:

“Halo is the safest and most advanced wireless fence for your dog and it offers so much more than any other GPS dog collar. It combines a wireless dog fence, GPS collar, dog activity tracker, and training collar-all in one smart solution.”

I decided to check out each claim to see if it was true.

Is it really an accurate GPS tracker?

Information about the accuracy of the Halo 2+ is mixed. For some it works well, but there are also many reports that the detection system is poor:

I’ve seen many reviews of other GPS trackers that locate successfully but cost 4-5 times less. So the accuracy of GPS doesn’t justify such a high price.

In addition, a very weak battery ruins everything. The Halo dog collar last only 20 hours without recharging. It would be very unfortunate if your dog gets lost and the collar is dead or on the fringe.

Is there even a point in buying a GPS tracker if it’s not going to help find your dog when he’s lost? I don’t think so.

Is the wireless fence feature any good?

One of the apparent benefits of the Halo 2+ is the wireless fence feature. In fact, I thought that was the main purpose of this thing.

You will be able to set boundaries for your dog anywhere. When your dog tries to cross those boundaries, he gets a “warning” via the prongs on the collar. This can be a vibration signal or a static signal. The boundaries can be set via an app on your phone.

However, the minimum radius of a virtual fence is 250 square feet, which is quite a lot in some cases. And, unfortunately, the Halo collar triggers too late because the GPS signal is delayed. Sometimes the dog has already left the border but is suddenly overtaken by a delayed “hit.” There are a lot of reviews on the web with complaints about the incorrect work of this system.

Honest Halo dog collar review
Honest Halo dog collar review

Furthermore, some dogs react very poorly to invisible fences. They don’t understand why they are being electrocuted and may run away in fright.

Also, you have to work very hard to make your dog understand that the collar signals mean “no trespassing” Therefore, I think a regular kennel is much better.

You can read more about the harm of invisible fences on the PetMed and PETA websites.

Can the Halo collar be used for training?

Halo says that their product is a tool for dog training. But for training you need a device with a remote control; and Halo doesn’t have one.

I couldn’t find any information on how to train your dog with the Halo collar anyway. They only provide access to tutorials by Cesar Millan on how to get a dog accustomed to an invisible fence. So their words about a “training collar” can be considered as nothing.

Check out my NO shock dog training collars review if you really need a dog training tool. Also learn about other useful dog training tools.

Is it a good activity tracker?

Another feature of this miracle collar is the activity tracker. There’s nothing wrong with that. The Halo collar collects information about how long your pet has been active and how much sleep.

halo collar activity traking

This data can actually be useful if you keep track of it. But it’s far from an original feature. Other trackers have this too, but they cost 6-10 times less.

Does the Halo collar use electric shock?

This is another important question. But manufacturers don’t give a clear answer about the exact nature of correction signals and avoid using the word “electric shock”. They use terms like “static feedback” and describe the effect as a pat on the shoulder.

halo collar feedbzck settings

But if you do a little research, you’ll find that static exposure is nothing more than electrical impact! Since most dog owners have a negative attitude towards shock collars, manufacturers have begun to replace this term with “static.”

Yes, static is not the same as electric shock. It causes the muscle to contract, and it may be barely perceptible at weak levels. But weak levels have no effect (the dog won’t obey). That’s why dog owners have to use high currents that cause unpleasant and disgusting feelings.

There are many more reasons why a growing number of dog owners are giving up on shock collars. You can read about them in my article "Are shock collars cruel?"

What’s wrong with the return policy

Halo promises you’ll get your money back on an item if you don’t like it. You can return the collar within 60 days. The return guarantee is great because it reduces the risk of buying the wrong product.

However, when reading reviews about the Halo Dog Collar, I noticed that there are often difficulties with returns. When someone successfully returns an item, they usually only get a small refund.

Contacting customer service is also very difficult. This kind of feedback is quite common:

Honestly, guys, this is awful. I didn’t want to write so many downsides, but it looks like it’s all true because there are too many negative reviews. Yes, every product has negative reviews, but a good product can’t have that many!

Best Halo collar alternatives

I’m not going to recommend any other invisible fences to you, since I’ve already explained my position on them. But here are some good GPS trackers that will help you keep an eye on your dog and not lose him.


jiobit GPS tracker

Why I like it:

  • This GPS tracker is just like the Halo; it determines your location in real time. It uses a combination of cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth;
  • Jiobit has a longer battery life of 7-10 days (but according to some reviews, this time is a maximum of three days);
  • Jiobit also lets you set up virtual fences that warn you when you cross them. But your dog won’t get shocked.

Plus, it only costs $100!


fit bark dog activity and GPS tracker

FitBark isn’t only an accurate GPS tracker, but also one of the best health trackers. It shows activity, sleep quality, distance traveled, calorie balance, and sends you notifications when your dog is acting weird (like walking around the room or scratching a lot ). It helps you keep an eye on your dog’s health and detect problems in time.

The FitBark has a few other perks:

  • It can run for up to four weeks without recharging;
  • it’s very light and fits even the smallest dogs;
  • affordable price (about $100), and FREE Shipping & Returns;
  • it has a virtual fence creation function.

But there is one drawback: FitBark only works over a cellular network within the US.

You can find more good GPS trackers in my review. There are even options for $30.

Conclusions: is the Halo collar worth the money?

After reading many reviews, I’ve come to the conclusion that the “coolness” of the Halo collar is just a marketing ploy. You always have to overpay for promoted brands, but that doesn’t mean they’re any different from cheaper products.

Yes, the Halo collar can track your pet (with mixed success) and it can also be used as an invisible fence and activity tracker. But there are many other typical products that cost much less and have impressive features.

Also, the Halo collar has a very short battery life and many other disadvantages are often mentioned in reviews:

  • it often lags, and the “feedback” isn’t triggered when needed;
  • the location displayed is often far from reality;
  • some are unhappy with the quality of the collar itself;
  • the return policy is disgusting.

The use of static is another issue. You should think carefully about using an electronic fence for your dog. I’d avoid such a method.

If the Halo collar cost $100, I’d have no problem with it. But they want $700 for it! And they tout it as the best of its kind.

It is unclear to me why Cesar Millan is advertising it. Although…it’s clear that it’s about the money.

I hope my honest review helps you and at least someone avoids this trap!


Is there a monthly fee for the Halo Collar?

Yes, you have to pay to use GPS. Almost all GPS trackers require a monthly fee. Halo plans range from $5 to $30 per month, which is the average market price.

Does Halo require an Internet connection to work?

The Halo Collar uses GPS technology and therefore doesn’t require internet. You only need the internet to set up invisible fences.

How long does it take to charge the Halo collar?

It takes 2 hours to fully charge.

Is the Halo collar suitable for small dog breeds?

The Halo is designed for dogs over 20 pounds. The strap is too big for a small neck and also heavy.

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