Review of best indoor dog potties

Most people prefer to let the dog go to the bathroom outside. However, some people live in apartments and therefore don’t have enough green space to let their dog run around. Also, factors such as extreme weather conditions make it difficult to use the potty outdoors.

Therefore, the best alternative is the indoor dog potty. They can also be used to teach younger dogs how to carry themselves when they want to pee. This article contains detailed information about the 8 best indoor dog potties. So let’s get started.

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Fresh Patch XL - Real Grass Pee and Potty Training Pad...
IRIS USA Pee Pad Holder, Medium Dog Pad Hoder, Secured...
BrilliantPad Indoor Dog Potty for Small Pets, Basic |...
Fresh Patch XL - Real Grass Pee and Potty Training Pad...
IRIS USA Pee Pad Holder, Medium Dog Pad Hoder, Secured...
BrilliantPad Indoor Dog Potty for Small Pets, Basic |...
Fresh Patch XL - Real Grass Pee and Potty Training Pad...
Fresh Patch XL - Real Grass Pee and Potty Training Pad...
IRIS USA Pee Pad Holder, Medium Dog Pad Hoder, Secured...
IRIS USA Pee Pad Holder, Medium Dog Pad Hoder, Secured...
BrilliantPad Indoor Dog Potty for Small Pets, Basic |...
BrilliantPad Indoor Dog Potty for Small Pets, Basic |...

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Best dog litter box – IRIS USA Pee Pad Holder

a dgo sitting on the IRIS USA Pee Pad Holder for Puppy Pads

Who it's good for: consider this potty if you're looking for something simple and inexpensive, and your dog doesn't mind using pee pads. This option would work for any dog.

In my opinion, a simple pee pads holder is the best option (but not for all dogs). It’s cheap and practical. Other pots use either plastic grass or a plastic grid, and those are hard to clean, especially of poop. Replacement pee pads will help you keep the potty clean and you won’t have to wash it.

They’re also more convenient than trays with fillers that dogs spread all over the house.

  • cheap
  • no need to wash
  • helps keep cleanliness
  • Need to buy replacement pads all the time

Real grass pee and potty training pad

Review of best indoor dog potties

Who it's good for: If your dog likes to pee in the grass, but you think artificial grass stinks too much. It is more suitable for occasional use or for potty training, for example, because grass pee pads are not cheap.

It’s a real grass lawn for your dog to do his business on. In my opinion, it’s much better than artificial plastic grass that has to be washed.
I’m all for natural materials, and dogs love them too!

Artificial grass does absorb liquids and odors, but of course it’s not permanent. You’ll have to throw the mat away after a while. For some it lasts a week, for others a month (it depends on how often your dog will use it).

  • natural materials
  • dogs like it
  • promotes outdoor potty training
  • absorbs liquids and odors
  • no need to wash
  • costly

Watch a video review of these pee pads:

Self-Cleaning, automatic indoor dog potty

BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning dog potty

Who it's good for: busy people with tight schedules, and those who don't like to clean pots of poop. But you will need enough space in your apartment and a free outlet to plug the potty in.

Brilliant Pad Self-Cleaning Automatic Indoor Dog Potty is an excellent alternative to typical pads. What makes BrilliantPad special is its automatic cleaning system, giving your dog a convenient place to relieve himself at any time.

After your pup pees, waste is automatically rolled up and sealed between layers of absorbent and waterproof products that hold in moisture and odor. One pad roll is equivalent to 21 traditional puppy pads.

BrialliantPad provides flexibility, especially for people with busy schedules.

  • it automatically rolls, and save a lot of cleaning time;

  • well absorbs moisture and unpleasant odor;

  • this pads are made of five layers of durable, yet 100% decomposable material.

  • it only fits for puppies potty training and small dogs under 25 pounds. BrialliantPad don’t suitable for large dogs and adult dogs that are not currently using pads;

  • it’s expensive;

  • you’ll need to buy new rolls every month;

  • the dog can chew the pad and the cord (since the BrialliantPad into an outlet).

Artificial grass potty

Petmaker Training MatDog potty

Who it's good for: small, medium and large dogs who like to pee in the grass. Better to use if you have room on the balcony.

To be honest, I don’t like trays with artificial grass, because many people complain about the unpleasant smell from them. But some people find it convenient, and it attracts dogs. So I chose some of the best models for my review.

The Petmaker Training Mat comes in small and medium sizes to occupy a small area, especially on the balcony. It’s green, soft and emulates the natural look and feel of grass to make your pup feel comfortable while peeing.

It has a three-layer system: grass, a bubbly plastic sifter, and a plastic tray. Cleaning is just rinsing the three layers with soapy water.

  • little size and compactness. It can even be placed in a crate;

  • not expensive;

  • it can be used outdoors.

  • don’t suitable for large dogs;

  • plastic grass does “shed”;

  • bottom tray is shallow.

  • many people complain about the unpleasant smell.

Useful video on what is better to choose: pee pads or fake grass?

Simple indoor dog potty

Blyss Pets Klean Paws dog potty

Who it's good for: It's a good alternative if your dog chews pee pads and you don't like artificial grass. But it's not really suitable for "big" business because the poop is hard to get off the grid.

Klein Paws Indoor Pee Pad Holder is suitable for smaller dogs and puppies.

I like that this pot has a locking top grid. You can put a pad underneath and the puppy can’t chew on it. The grid also helps keep the paws dry.

  • snap on/off grate system will prevent puppies from chewing the pads;

  • keep paws dry;

  • solid construction, quality build;

  • it is easy to clean.

  • only their brand potty pads fit;

  • if your puppy poops in there, it won’t be easy to clean it off.

Puppy litter box

PuppyGoHere dog litter box

The PuppuGoThere dog potty is similar to a cat litter box. The pot can be filled with any litter for the dog’s potty or you can use a pad.

The admirable thing about PuppyGoHere is the lip on one side that allows your little puppy to get in with his tiny little legs. Also, disabled puppies or dogs can use this product without any problems.

  • 5 colors to choose from;

  • the item comes with training instructions to help you understand how to train your puppy on the indoor potty.

  • it can turn over.

  • not suitable for dogs over 20 lbs.

PetSafe Pet Loo

PetSafe Pet Loo dog grass potty

PetSafe Pet Loo comes in three sizes: for large dogs, medium dogs and small dogs. The set includes a Pet Loo base with tray, 1 grass pad, a waste container and 1 disposable pee pod.

Additionally, you can put the newspaper litter pellets in the urine tray. It’s the best alternative for your dog to relieve himself when you travel with him in RVs, campers, occasions or in apartments or houses without a garden.

  • there are pots for medium and large breeds of dogs

  • remove disposable pee pod from base for easy cleanup.

  • the grass absorb a lot of the pee and ends up smelling like urine;

  • high price.

Dog potty with removable post

a dog standing on a HIPIPET Puppy Dog Potty Tray

Who it's good for: if you have a little boy, this is the potty for you. It has a plastic post that looks like a fire hydrant.

Does your dog like to lift his leg to pee? Then try this potty. I think the idea is genius. I also like the back wall, which should protect your floor (at least one side).

By the way, you can put pee pads under the mesh, which snaps securely. The grid separates the urine from your pet’s feet to keep it dry.

  • this portable potty tray is reinforced with rubber feet on the bottom to keep the holder stand in place, which acts as an anti-slip rubber foot;
  • constructed with a removable cone that brazes the look of outdoor fire hydrants and such for puppies;
  • the snap on/off would prevent your pets from getting to training pads;
  • the removable wall is to prevent your pets lifting legs and pee to the floor.
  • only good for a very small dog.

Upgrade Large Dog Grass Pad with Tray

Upgrade Large Dog Grass Pad with Tray

The Upgrade Large Grass Pad with Tray pet potty is made of three layers:

  1. the first layer is the top, known as 2-Packs replacement artificial grass pads;
  2. the middle one is washable;
  3. and the large bottom tray.

It gives your puppy a natural grass feeling and minimizes accidents related to your puppies. When the dog goes to the toilet, the urine runs quickly through the drainage system, so the mat and the dog’s paws stay dry.

  • this product is weatherproof;
  • training Pads are washable;
  • you have got two grass pads;
  • large size.
  • it doesn’t trap the smell that well and is a bit gross to clean;
  • high price.

Indoor dog potty with protection wall

DogCharge Indoor Dog Potty Tray

Who it's good for: DogCharge Indoor Dog potty Tray is suitable for pups and small dogs.

It has a protective wall on each side to prevent leaks, spills and accidents to your puppy. It also keeps the floor clean and paws dry.

With this product, you don’t have to worry about disposable pads because they’re optional.

How to choose the right indoor dog potty

With so many choices on the market, choosing the right dog potty for your pup can be quite stressful. However, before you finally decide on the right potty, you should consider the following factors:

  • Cleaning. It doesn’t matter what type of indoor dog potty or dog grass potty you end up selecting. If it is too hectic to clean, you don’t have to settle for it. This means that before you buy it, you should make sure that the potty can be easily cleaned with soap and water or that it can be easily replaced or disposed of.
  • Size. A potty for your dog shouldn’t be too small, or you might end up regretting your pup’s accidents. Also, the potty shouldn’t be too big, otherwise you’ll spend too much time cleaning it.
  • Durability. Before you buy a potty for your dog, you need to make sure that it’s sturdy enough.
by u/CholulaOnEggs from discussion Small dog can’t hold his bladder, so considering an indoor potty tray
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Do indoor dog potties work?

Yes, but not for all dogs. Some start using the potty immediately. Others need time to get used to the potty. And some absolutely refuse to use it.

What is the best surface for a dog to poop on?

In general, dogs can poop on any surface, but many like to do it on the grass. However, it’s not very convenient and pleasant to remove the poop from the grass pots. Such pots are more suitable for peeing. However, you can also take any plastic potty and fill it with filling material, just like the litter box

Are indoor dog potties a good idea?

They can be a good help for people who don’t have the opportunity to walk their dog regularly. An indoor potty can also be very useful for puppies. In other cases, it’s better not to abuse such a thing, but to teach your dog to always go to the toilet outside.

What kind of filler can I use for my dog’s potty?

You can use turf, shredded paper or special filler. There are fillers that help with odor control, such as PetSafe ScoopFree Crystal.

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Conclusions: Best Indoor Dog Potties

This article has reviewed various indoor dog potty and dog potty grass, and the best depends on the customer’s preferences. If you want a pot with artificial grass, choose Petmaker Training Mat or PetSafe Pet Loo for large dogs.

For small dogs the best indoor potty is or HIPIPET Puppy Dog Potty or DogCharge Indoor Dog Potty Tray (for boys).

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