Puppy shot schedule chart

To protect your puppy from dangerous diseases, you need to do vaccinations. Major doses are given before 16 weeks of age, and it is crucial to follow the schedule to ensure everything works properly.

You can find a puppy shot schedule below, and you can print it out.

puppy shot chart printable

As you can see, mandatory vaccines for puppies include DHPP (vaccines for distemper, adenovirus [hepatitis], parainfluenza, and parvovirus) and the rabies vaccine. 

The other vaccines can be given at your discretion. You should carefully review the vaccine's purpose and side effects to make your decision. Consider your dog's lifestyle and the area in which you live.🐶

The AAHA recommends basic vaccines should be repeated once a year (for DHPP) and every 3 years (for rabies). But it’s not clear the rationale for this schedule because the vaccines provide the dog with immunity for more than 3 years, and according to some, even for life. Therefore, some experts do not recommend repeating the injections unnecessarily because they have side effects. Study this question in more detail to make a decision.



How many shots do puppies need before going outside?

Veterinarians recommend taking your puppy outside for a walk only after 16 weeks (when all the basic vaccinations are done). Before this time, you should carry your puppy outdoors in your arms or a carrier so as not to expose him to the risk of contracting the virus. You can also let the puppy out into your yard if no other dogs have access to it.

How many rounds of shots do puppies need?

Puppies need 3 doses of the vaccine: the first dose is given at 8 weeks. Then the puppy should get 2 booster doses at 12 and 16 weeks.

Which dog vaccines are absolutely necessary?

DHPP and rabies vaccines are considered necessary because they protect the dog from deadly diseases.

What vaccinations for dogs are required by law?

In the U.S., only the rabies vaccine is required by law.

What to do if you’re late on puppy shots?

It all depends on how much time has passed. Talk to your vet, and he will tell you if your puppy can be vaccinated on schedule or if you need to start all over again. 

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