Best dog crates that look like furniture

Many dog owners don’t like the look of dog crates resembling a dog prison.Thay really doesn’t always fit in the interior of the house. So you can view dog crates that look like furniture. It is also an excellent option to save space in small apartments.

Be prepared that the average price of such crates is $200. And I would not recommend looking for something cheap, because you are unlikely to get good quality for less.

Best furniture style dog crate – Frisco “Rockford”

This gorgeous cage is the work of the Chewy Company. I love every detail about it, although it won’t work for every home, but only if you have enough room.
I especially like the sliding doors, which help save space.
Also glad that chewy has free shipping, otherwise it would have cost a lot.

  • It comes with two mats
  • The top lid snaps shut so the dog can’t open it
  • Quality hardware
  • High price (but quite justified for a crate of this size)
  • Two people are needed to assemble it

Best Wooden Portable Foldable Pet Crate Lovupet

I can’t stop recommending this crate, as it has many pluses and no critical disadvantages. And the price is relatively low. 

Price: $169.99


  • it is made of natural wood

  • three sizes for small, medium, and large dogs

  • two places for the tray: on the floor or below the floor

  • two dors

  • the kennel can be folded and is easy to store or transport

  • 1-year Manufacturer Warranty

  • the crate needs to be varnished or painted

  • the top cover does not lock, so in some cases, you have to add the lock yourself to prevent the dog from escaping

PawHut Wooden Dog Kennel

Although this crate has few reviews, I will risk including it on my list because I haven’t found the typical wooden dog crate furniture with an enclosed cabinet. However, PawHut is a company that specializes in making pet supplies, so I think you can trust them.

Such a large kennel can be used as a TV stand.

Price: $169.99


  • have an enclosed cabinet for different items

  • high legs (for me, it is important to wipe the floor under the furniture; otherwise, a lot of dirt accumulates there)

  • made of Steel and particleboard¬†

  • includes a removable and washable soft cushion

  • large surface for end table

  • only 1 size suitable for dogs within 22 lbs., its body length should not exceed 21.75″

  • not much feedback from customers

Furniture Dog Crate for Small Dogs – IDEALHOUSE

Owners of small dogs may like this crate end table, which you can place in the bedroom, next to the bed. Dogs tend to sleep more peacefully next to their owners, so it would work well for crate training.

Price: $89.99


  • this dog crate has storage

  • low price

  • all-metal walls

  • only 1 size, not suitable for large dogs

  • not many reviews, so I don’t know about other downsides

ZSQ Furniture Style Dog Crate on wheels

You can use this classic style crate as a coffee table, nightstand or console in the living room, office, or bedroom. It is the only option with wheels. The manufacturers position their product as a premium, so the price is slightly above average.

Price: $136.96


  • the wheels make it easy to move the bedside table (you can lock wheels)

  • rounded corners that prevent painful bumps

  • made of wood

  • only 1 size for medium-sized dogs

  • no reviews

Best Dog Crate Furniture for Large Dogs – Snimoy

I picked up a Snimoy crate for owners of large dogs. The wood and metal style would fit almost any interior. 

Price: $269.99


  • looks sturdy

  • 2 doors in the front and 1 additional door on the side

  • doors lock with 2 locks (prevents escape)

  • 4 feet (does not scratch the floor)

  • tabletop with rounded corners

  • no reviews
  • heavy weight

FEANDREA Wooden Dog Crate

I decided to pick up a furniture-style dog crate for large dogs (up to 68lb), and my choice fell on a crate from FEANDREA. It has a lot of good reviews. And I liked the design.

Price: $169.99


  • double doors 

  • removable tray

  • adjustable feet keep it stable on slightly uneven floors

  • there are complaints of scratches and minor exterior damage

  • some people find this kennel difficult to assemble

Tip: put a bed in the crate to keep your dog comfortable. You can find the best chew-proof crate pad in my article.

unipaws Furniture Style Dog Crate

It is a beautiful, stylish dog crate table suitable for medium to large dogs. Unipaws offers 2 colors to choose from – espresso and white. I like that there are lots of good reviews.

Price: $215.99


  • double doors

  • come with a soft pet bed

  • all the walls are open, which provides enough ventilation and light for your pet

  • customer reviews indicate that this product is really high quality and worth the money

  • the door only closes with 1 lock (there is a chance that the dog will get out, although the lock is secure enough)

unipaws Furniture Corner Dog Crate with Cushion

Using a corner cage can help save space in the room. I think it is very convenient.

Price: $269.99


  • 2 sizes (medium and large);
  • saves space;
  • mesh works better than bars (dogs can stick their head between the bars);
  • cushion included.
  • not a very secure lock;


LUCKY KENNELS BEST FRIENDS furniture style crate

LUCKY KENNELS is a small company that produces kraft crates for dogs. Assembled by hand, these crates are of high quality and attractive design. You can tell right away that this is no ordinary kennel from a store. They are made of solid wood, sturdy metal hardware, and thick bars that will keep your dog from getting out.
The manufacturer offers a large palette of colors. There are 4 sizes to choose from for dogs from 30 lbs to 90 lbs.



Another crate from Lucky Kennels. It’s still just as beautiful and reliable. If you, like me, appreciate handmade goods, then you will love it.
This is one of the few decent furniture crate options for two dogs.


If you need a square cage that acts as a table, this option might work for you. I like that the door of this cage can be fully opened and fixed to the side. That way your dog can get in and out safely and the door won’t get in the way.

There are 3 sizes to choose from. It also includes a removable tray.

Original round crate table – Richell Accent Table

Richell Accent Table Dog Crate, Antique Bronze
At the end of my list of best furniture style cages, I found this original, hexagonal cage here. I definitely like this antique style, but I have my doubts about the quality of this item, as well as its comfortable use.

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What crate is better not to buy

At this time, I’ve decided to do a crates blacklist. I see that other sites recommend these products as “best”, but it seems that these reviews are written by people who just want to make money. They don’t try to figure out WHAT product they are recommending.

So, with the examples of this blacklist, you can figure out what crates are best not to buy.


ECOFLEX Dog wooden Crate

Why it’s on the list:

  • made of poor-quality material that breaks down easily. The bars can easily be broken off, so dogs get out of the crate in minutes
  • often the product is delivered with damage, scratches, or other flaws

And yet ECOFLEX crate costs $150-$200! If it were $50-70, I would recommend it as the least expensive option for a while. But it’s a shame to waste a lot of money on a low-quality product…

Megidok Wooden Dog Crate

Why it’s on the list:

  • although there are no reviews for this product, I can already predict what customers will complain about: the lack of a bottom. I don’t know what the manufacturers were thinking, but here is just a tray on the floor instead of a bottom. And this is supposed to be comfortable for my pet?

I really liked the design of the Megidok crate; it is very stylish. Why can’t pet product manufacturers make something really modern and high quality? =(

Important! Most dog crates that look like furniture are made of wood. So they are not suitable for dogs who like to chew everything. Wire crates with thin rods are also not suitable in this case. If you own a chewer dog, then look for indestructible dog crates.

Have a great shopping experience! Please, write your feedback here; it’s very important.

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